What is Fondant?

Fondant Wedding Cake

Fondant is a very smooth icing seen on many wedding cakes or other special occasion cakes. It is a sugar dough that can be rolled and draped over a cake. Fondant gives a cake a smooth, professional appearance, keeps the cake moist longer, withstands warmer temperatures, and can also be textured, colored and shaped into flowers, ruffles or other designs. Some don’t like the taste or texture of fondant, but we make our  own fondant and it’s quite tasty!

The Cheesecake that started it all.

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The first items Crumbs ever sold were our cheesecakes. We sold them wholesale to local area restaurants. Our cheesecakes were different from what was available from foodservice outlets and wholesale stores. Our cheesecakes could be summed up in
3 words — Rich, Smooth, and Creamy!  Our Cheesecakes were made from an original recipe using Philadelphia brand cream cheese, real cream,  fresh eggs and pure vanilla.  Everything was made from scratch from the buttery cookie crust to the homemade caramel. By request, we eventually began selling them to individual customers, usually customers of our restaurant clients. 2 things have changed: we no longer carry cheesecakes and we no longer do wholesale. All of our desserts are made just for you, the individual customer. But one thing remains the same: our commitment to fresh, made from scratch, quality desserts!