4 thoughts on “Wedding Cakes

  1. Hello I am wanting to know how much is this cake? 65cd05f2-0953-4c35-8ee6-6b261f7ca376 but with peach and lavender colors

    • Hi Debra. I’m not able to see your photo. Please visit the contact page and submit an inquiry or contact me through the link provided. You can attach a photo there as well. Thank you!

  2. Hey I’m looking for a 3 layered cake for my wedding. The colors are gold, burgundy and white. I wants something simple.

    • Hi Shay. Thank you for your inquiry. I am a custom baker and cake decorator serving the Mississippi Gulf Coast. My cakes are baked fresh, from scratch, and customized for each client. My custom cake prices start at $4.00 per serving for a traditional buttercream cake. Specialty flavors, intricate designs or special finishes, would be factors in determining the final cost. I have tasting boxes available several times throughout the year. Please let me know if you’d like to be notified of our next tasting date. I also offer complimentary virtual or phone consultations and would be happy to schedule one at a time that’s convenient for you.

      I need a little more information from you in order to give you a quote. Please click on the following link and fill out the inquiry form and I will get back to you with my availability for your date and an initial estimate. Thank you.


      Shalisha Mosley
      Crumbs Distinctive Desserts

      You can also check out my most recent work at http://www.instagram.com/crumbsms

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